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All participants will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will join one of the following workshops:

1. Polish ? short course of language & culture

During this workshop we will present the achievement of the School of the Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners and we will talk about different methods and approaches to teaching Polish as a foreign language.

We will also present a sample courses that can be available for Erasmus students at our school and, most importantly, we will help our participants to learn some basic Survival Polish.

1 The School, achievements, methods and approaches
2 Survival Polish ? culture and language 1/2
3 Survival Polish ? culture and language 2/2
4 Polish History and Culture.
Visit to the Money Centre at the National Bank of Poland

2. Cross Culture Communication

This workshop will be divided into two parts: theoretical and practical one.

The theoretical part will include: on one hand - examples of translations that contain certain distortions or wrong statements, all because of different semantic and cultural messages that different words and expressions bring; on the other - examples of texts translated with great awareness of cultural differences.

During this part participants will learn about the dangers of electronic translations based on specific examples. As a result of this workshop they will obtain a short translator's guide - tips and suggestions on how to handle a statement to make it correct and clear in cross culture communication.

The practical part will cosist of working in small groups and pairs. Participants will get tasks to translate short texts. As a support they will be able to use dictionaries and an online translator.

3. 3D Technology Applications  (old name Photo & GIS throughout Warsaw)

During these workshops participants will get acquainted with simplified digitization process
of monuments and presentation of the digitized model in VR/AR and 3D Print technology.


4. IT Tools

Excel in finansial analitics

Participants will find out how to use Excel with ERP additions to everyday budgeting and financial controlling. They will learn how to prepare data how effectively use them in Excel. Small introduction to programming in VBA will be done. Participants will write short program in VBA - everybody who uses EXCEL can be a programmer :)

Knowledge discovery in data

Participants will learn how to use KNIME Analytics Platform, especially in data mining (DM) and machine learning (ML) use cases which can be applied to administrative work. KNIME is an open source platform with intuitive GUI for discovering the potential hidden in the data.  During the course, we will learn how to load data, examine it, analyze and build prediction models.

The usefulness of the platform has been recognized by world's leading research and advisory company Grater, which placed KNIME in the leader category in Gartner?s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms.

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